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Couple Therapy

Aggiornamento: 28 mar 2021

Romantic relationships offer us the experience of sharing our lives with someone, feeling supported, valued, loved and cared for. However, it might happen that what made us fall in love with our partner, as well as the passion or the differences might become the source of arguments and distress.

When we are experiencing difficulty within the relationship or we feel stuck in the issue we are going through with our partner, the most common ways of reacting are fighting or withdrawing. These two reactions don’t lead us to resolve the conflict or restoring the balance in the relationship.

What do you do when you feel unsupported, misunderstood or you have different views on something important for you both?

Do you struggle in communicating with each other?

As a relational psychotherapist, I will support you in transforming a conflict into an opportunity to grow and heal. My role is to be neutral and to collaborate with both of you in exploring the difficulties you are experiencing and promoting an open communication.

This will help you to get a mutual understanding and establish a real communication.

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